kevin (blueskin) wrote in ambulanceltdnyc,

Ambulance LTD plays a secret gig to test out new material and band members

Last night Ambulance LTD played a secret gig at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY, They billed themselves as "Impervious". Ambulance played old material and NEW material. The new material will be on an album which is being released this year. Some of it was produced by Velvet Underground's John Cale. The purpose of the show was to test out new material, and try out the new band in the settings. Singer Marcos Congelton is the only member left, that played on the debut album in 2004.

Here is some footage I shot at the show last night:

"Upsetter"(new track)

"IVY" (new track)

"Ophelia"(from their 2004 release LP)

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