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ambulanceltdnyc's Journal

Yoga Means Union
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This community is for the band, Ambulance LTD. The band itself is from the Brooklyn, NY area. But the members, all hail from other cities, states, and countries. If you live in New York City, you know there is a great buzz about this band. They play in New York and Philly, about once a month or two, and have toured the state, and the UK, several times. this band were lucky enough to be hand picked by the band, Suede, to open for them in the UK. They have toured with the likes of Placebo, French Kicks, Stellastarr, The Thrills, and many others. They released an ep of 5 songs back in June 2003, and just released their first full length cd, on TVT Records, on March 23, 2004.

This is the official community for Ambulance. Here you will find tourdates, new release info, as well as stories and pictures from the fans.
Join the community today, and when this band are selling out huge arenas, you can say "I remember when they were nobody". They arent really nobody now.. They have had features and reviews in Rolling Stone, Jane Magazine, Spin, The Aquarian(local Jersey paper), and many other trendy rock magazines. Get ready, before you know it, this band will be the biggest success story of 2004.